Case management

A story of Case Management

Integrated services means that our patients get the care they need, from basic medical services to financial assistance, food assistance, and more. 

Picture this–you have six kids at home and you’re doing your best to provide for them. Then, your husband has a stroke, becomes unable to work due to medical issues, and you lose your home. This tragic situation happened to a family at Share Ourselves. After losing their place of residence, the family did their best to find a place to sleep at night, whether that be with family members, in a motel room, or in a car. 

Dr. Nazanin Sanaei MD is the lead physician of the pediatrics team at our Newport Beach location. In her time working as a pediatrician, she’s seen patients experiencing more than just medical issues, including financial insecurity, food insecurity, homelessness and more. 

In a typical facility, Dr. Sanaei would have to refer patients out to get support through other resources. This is where the integrated approach at Share Ourselves comes into action. Last summer, one of the children from this family saw Dr. Sanaei’s team for medical care. During the visit, the medical team realized the child’s family was experiencing homelessness. 

Many health issues come from toxic stressors at home–especially in the case of homelessness. Everything contributes to health and that’s why after identifying the struggles this family was experiencing, Dr. Sanaei’s team referred them to one of our Case Workers, Yadira Gomez, who has been working with the family ever since. 

Because we have case managers, our patients are referred in-house to get the care they need in every aspect of life. Our case management team aids with everything from paying rent and utilities to connecting patients with other organizations and programs. This holistic approach aims to care for the patient from every angle, extending far beyond basic medical care. Yadira was immediately impressed with the mother of this family and said, “She always has a smile on her face, despite the extreme difficulties they’ve faced this past year. More importantly, she consistently demonstrates her commitment to improving her situation.” 

It’s not an easy feat finding housing for a family of eight. Most shelters won’t accept a family that large. Recently, the family has been living in a small garage. Despite the numerous obstacles in their way, the mom has remained positive–all while working seven days a week, caring for her six children, and supporting her husband who is still experiencing serious medical issues. 

Yadira helped this family with everything from finding storage to making phone payments, securing transportation, providing food assistance, and more. They also benefited from other Share Ourselves programs, including Back to School and Adopt A Family. 

With Yadira’s help, the family is currently applying for an apartment so they can gain housing stability. This is the power of Share Ourselves’ integrated approach. Health covers so much more than basic doctor’s visits. By tackling health from every angle, our team can help transform an entire family’s life.