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Specialty behavioral healthcare offers you access to a traditional therapy approach from our compassionate and skilled team of therapists who are here to help you reach your behavioral and mental health treatment goals. Our specialty behavioral healthcare includes treatment planning and support to help you manage and improve most mental health conditions. Our team is also here to support you on your substance use recovery journey. We offer care that is trauma informed, culturally sensitive, and rooted in your unique treatment objectives.

Specialty Behavioral Healthcare at Share Ourselves

Specialty Behavioral Healthcare

  • Traditional psychotherapy sessions, typically 50 minutes in duration that focuses on your mental health treatment goals and includes screening, assessment, and clinical intervention.
  • Wellness and recovery services that support you in decreasing your substance use and reaching your recovery goals. Our wellness and recovery team works in collaboration with your medical provider and care manager to ensure a comprehensive approach to your recovery journey. Services are tailored to the individual and may include assistance with accessing detox, inpatient or outpatient treatment options, and other community-based services.