Behavioral Health Services for Children

Pediatric behavioral healthcare at Share Ourselves enables you and your family to ensure the optimal health and wellbeing for your child through services focusing on prevention and early intervention. Your pediatric behavioral healthcare team will help you to identify any challenges with emotions, behaviors, and development and help you create a treatment plan tailored to your child’s unique and specific needs.

Pediatric Behavioral Health

Pediatric Behavioral Health at Share Ourselves
  • An early intervention approach through use of the Healthy Steps model that includes screening, support, and intervention for children up to 3 years old and their families. The Healthy Steps model allows your child’s care team to help you make sure your child is healthy and reaching their important developmental milestones.
  • Psychological testing1 services for your children up to age 7 to assist with diagnosis of ADHD and Autism Spectrum related disorders.
  1. Psychological testing services are only available to patients who are established with Share Ourselves and receiving primary pediatric care from a Share Ourselves medical provider. ↩︎