Food is health!

thanksgiving food distribution

At Share Ourselves, we understand the vital role food plays in our community’s well-being. Each day, we make a significant impact by distributing over 400 bags of groceries to patients who are working hard to stretch their food budget. Leading up to this special holiday, Share Ourselves ramps up its efforts, ensuring that over 1,000 bags of Thanksgiving meal supplies reach our community.

To make our Thanksgiving Food Distribution program a success, Share Ourselves goes the extra mile by purchasing over 700 turkeys and additional meal supplies. This ensures that as many people as possible, regardless of their circumstances, can experience the joy of a satisfying and nutritious Thanksgiving meal. It’s a celebration of togetherness, and your support can play a crucial role in making it happen. Your valued donation directly contributes to securing turkeys and meal supplies, ensuring that our community members can gather around a table filled with gratitude during this festive season.

Join us in spreading the spirit of Thanksgiving by supporting our program. Your contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful impact and helps us provide for over 1,000 individuals and families in our community. Be a part of this heartfelt initiative, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the warmth of a Thanksgiving celebration. Donate now and become a vital part of creating a holiday filled with gratitude and community. Together, let’s make this Thanksgiving a truly special and inclusive occasion for all.

Who Does Thanksgiving Food Distribution Impact

During the Thanksgiving season, Share Ourselves elevates its commitment to addressing hunger and food insecurity to a whole new level. As we approach this special holiday, our efforts intensify to ensure that Thanksgiving meal supplies are provided to those in our community facing hunger. This initiative is more than just a provision of food – it’s a dedicated effort to cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and abundance for as many individuals experiencing hunger and food insecurity as possible.