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Adopt A Family program by Share Ourselves

Each year, Share Ourselves collaborates closely with local schools and various community organizations to extend holiday cheer to families in need. These organizations play a crucial role in selecting families from their communities to participate in our Adopt A Family program. We go beyond the surface, sharing each family’s unique story and providing a wish list for every member. This personal touch ensures that the gifts are not just material items but meaningful expressions of care and consideration.

Families are then adopted by compassionate individuals and groups who purchase gifts from the provided wish lists, wrap them with care, and bring them to the OC Fair & Event Center. This collaborative effort ensures that the gifts are delivered to the families through their respective organizations, creating a heartwarming connection between donors and recipients. Families that may go unadopted are not forgotten; Share Ourselves steps in to fulfill their wishes, ensuring that no family is left without the joy of receiving thoughtful gifts during the holidays.

Your valued donations are instrumental in making this program a success, ensuring that every family in need experiences the warmth and joy of the holiday season. Join us in spreading the spirit of giving and consider contributing to our Adopt A Family program, where your support can make a lasting impact on families in Orange County.

Who Does This Impact

The Adopt A Family program by Share Ourselves has a profound impact on Orange County families facing economic challenges during the holidays. This initiative directly benefits families carefully selected by local schools and community organizations, ensuring that those in need receive personalized gifts and essential items. The impact extends beyond material possessions, reaching the hearts of families as their individual stories and wish lists are shared. Through this program, compassionate individuals and groups come together to adopt these families, providing not only gifts but also a sense of connection and support during the festive season.

Adopt A Family program by Share Ourselves